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The telephone directory and call routing service for the UK’s most in-demand company phone numbers

If you’re ever in doubt where to turn to find a phone number to contact a particular company, because the official website makes it hard to find, perhaps even impossible, rest assured we’ve done all the hard work and research to bring those numbers to you in open light, ready for you to phone for efficient communication and customer service as you like it, when you want it!

We can hook you straight into a human customer care agent within almost any major company that’s active in the UK. If we can’t find a customer service office, we’ll give you the number to their head office or switchboard. Please be advised though, that when a company tries to conceal their phone number, they usually don’t appreciate being called!

Often we can help you call a company’s head office switchboard at a fraction of the cost of calling via their advertised premium rate number.

Say NO to: 118, 09, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873 (premium-rate phone numbers)

Say MAYBE to: 0843, 0844, 0845 (business-rate phone numbers)

Say YES PLEASE, THANKS A LOT to: 0800, 0808, 01, 02, 03 (freephone and local-rate geographic numbers)


  • ‘Freephone’ 08 numbers are free to call from a landline, and since 1st July 2015 have been free to call from a mobile too.
  • If calling from a mobile, geographic (01, 02) and equivalent-rate (03) numbers are cheaper, although Ofcom are looking to reform this too.
  • Mobile networks tend not to include 08 numbers within their free minutes allowances yet.

We’ve spent so long researching which companies you’re trying the hardest to contact by phone, so next time you’re thinking of searching for a phone number, come here first: ContactNumbers.Guru

Our Mission

Have you ever had a problem with a major high street store or website, and tried to contact them only to find their ‘contact us’ page full of FAQs but no phone number to call?

Perhaps you’ve found the number of a company you need to contact, and then phoned it only to find an awkward answering machine with no sign of any real human being?

Or perhaps you’ve found an 0871 number, costing 10p per minute by landline but an extortionate amount more when calling from a mobile phone. Even ‘freephone’ 0800 numbers were expensive to call by mobile until 1st July this year – this is why so many companies now offer alternative 03 numbers for mobile users.

Some major brands even have the cheek to supply us with nothing but an 09 telephone number – these cost at least a pound a minute to call, even by landline, and tend to be used exclusively by ‘psychics’, adult chatlines and scamsters.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, you are not alone. Millions of people are struggling with the same barriers to good old-fashioned customer service, all around the country. From loan sharks to broadband providers, every company’s going cold these days, and every customer/client/contact feels frustrated. It feels like you’re trying to get blood from a stone, because it’s like you’re talking to a wall when you need help with a product that’s not working like it should. So we’ve made this website for you, and the millions of other consumers in the UK.

Let’s hold every company accountable for the quality of products and services it sells us.

Contact Numbers Guru hosted numbers

Our keynote service, which the call cost of 7p/min + network extras covers when calling some of our featured (say MAYBE to) 0843 numbers (“business rate”), is the research into (and signposting of) companies’ contact numbers – especially but not exclusively their hard-to-find customer service helpline numbers.

We often direct our website users to contact companies via our own hosted 0843 phone numbers, which simply redirect to the required official company number, but often stay alive even when the featured company’s own number changes.

This service means you no longer need to search hard to find elusive company contact numbers – we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to! Once you’ve found this website, you can relax and focus on your phone call!

2017’s Most Popular Contact: Sky

Ben Swift - Team Sky

Firmly holding their place on the podeum for yet another year running, Sky remains the most in-demand company for UK consumers to contact over the phone.

Runner-up prizes go to both British Gas and Vodafone as they are now the joint second next most popular companies for UK consumers to contact over the phone. British Gas’ telephone-based customer service has historically been more popular than Vodafone’s but that’s set to change as Vodafone is growing fast and now plans to enter the TV & Broadband market too. Meanwhile, Virgin Media has seen a huge decrease in demand since Summer 2014, possibly owing to the increased competition from BT’s latest high-spec TV & Broadband offerings, and of course in part thanks to prolonged domination by industry leader Sky.

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