ABTA: 0843 504 3762

Contact the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) for help with your holidays. Phone ABTA on 0843 504 3762 / 020 3117 0599 (consumer helpline) or 020 3117 0597 (member helpline).


The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) was originally formed in 1950, at the dawn of popular overseas travel for Britons. ABTA today, headquartered near London Bridge, now enjoys its place at the heart of the British travel and leisure industry.

The association’s chief concern is provisioning advice and information to travel companies who form its extensive 1200 company strong membership. Firms which form ABTA’s membership collectively process well over £30 billion worth of transactions annually, meaning the association is at the centre of a bustling yet mature part of both UK and international economies.

Inevitably, therefore, travel agents and holidaymakers alike turn to ABTA for help with holidays every day of the year. Whether you’d like to join ABTA as a member travel agent, or you’d like to complain about an existing member, ABTA have a helpline for you.

Consumer Helpline

To enquire about the benefits of travelling with an ABTA member, or to complain about a member, or for general advice about travelling, call the ABTA Consumer Helpline on 0843 504 3762 / 020 3117 0599. Lines are open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Alternatively, you abta@abta.co.uk or write to ABTA Ltd, 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ.

Member Helpline

If you’re an existing member of ABTA, or if you’d like to become one, phone the Member Helpline on 020 3117 0597.

Alternatively you can email membersinfo@abta.co.uk or write to ABTA Ltd, 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ.

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