AIG Insurance

To contact AIG’s head office about their insurance products and financial services phone this number: 020 7954 7000.

Being a London number, calls will be charged at local rate and you can expect to speak to a real human being based in the UK.

AIG The comprehensive coverage that defines the insurance policies offered by AIG reveal a company with clout, knowhow and the benefit of long experience. Historically, AIG Insurance has given individuals and businesses alike competitive quotations since its origins in the years after World War I. After beginnings in the Asian regions, AIG expanded its cover further afield, becoming an early example of a globalised insurer. Today, cover is provided in over 100 different countries, making AIG’s approach to policy successful and well-received.

It’s fortuitous that the excellent life cover and other insurance policy quotes AIG offer are matched by a competent customer service team. The agreement you hold is honoured to the precise wording, while AIG offers a standard customer care both excellent and standout in the business. Regardless of the type or exact specification found in your policy, you can phone the company’s advisors safe in the knowledge that you’ll be informed in a manner that allays any concerns you have regarding an insurance policy you’ve bought or are considering.

AIG Contact Details

To phone AIG with an enquiry regarding their insurance policies, call their head office on this number 020 7954 7000.

On the end of this line, which operates through standard UK office hours, Monday to Saturday, you’ll find a team of AIG customer service advisors present to answer queries and offer advice relating to new and existing insurance policies, as well as claims.

If you are a business and have a claim for AIG Insurance to process, you can detail your claim by email to

You can also send postal mail, such as documentation relating to your claim, to AIG’s UK head office address, which is generally happy to handle customer service enquiries for personal and business clients: AIG Insurance, The AIG Building, 58 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4AB.

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