AliExpress advertise no phone number for English speakers to call, but if you tell them your own contact number (on their website) they can then call you back; or you can call their Chinese office on 0086-571-88126600 if you speak Mandarin.


AliExpress is part of the Alibaba group which initially only facilitated sales of products to businesses. Now under the brand of AliExpress, the conglomerate has a B2C retail arm catering to standard, non-business customers.

The online shop offers all kinds of goods at wholesale prices. Clothes, jewellery, sporting equipment and healthcare supplies are just some of what’s on offer. AliExpress links its feedback from the main Alibaba business interface, meaning that any customer can get the lowdown on the quality of the multitude of products offered.

Having enjoyed several years of successful operation with yearly revenue streams totalling billions, AliExpress stands established as a one-stop website for of all manner of products.

Contact Details

If you need to contact AliExpress, good luck. They have no English phone number. They do have an online chat system, which a robot answers though!

Some people say the AliExpress Customer Service department is just for show.

You may wish to try contacting AliExpress via their China office – only useful if you speak Mandarin Chinese – this is the full number to dial, including international dialling code: 0086-571-88126600.

Always be careful with buying online – there’s no tangible guarantee of delivery, like there is when you buy in person because you’ve got the product in your hand before you leave the shop.

Be especially careful when buying online from a foreign country, especially when it’s a developing country, with mass poverty, like China. The Chinese economy is littered with corruption. Alibaba and its subsidiary AliExpress are Chinese businesses and refuse to provide customer service phone numbers. Be smart before you part with your cash online.

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