Amazon: 0870 042 0479

Call Amazon’s UK general enquiries helpline on 0870 042 0479 at 13p per minute plus access charge, for help with all aspects of buying and selling on Amazon.

Alternatively you can call Amazon’s UK freephone number 0800 279 7234, or call 0843 504 7194 at 7p per minute plus access charge, or phone their London office directly on 0207 084 7911.


Amazon is one of the oldest and greatest online shopping portals – in fact, with modern-day internet usage , they’re one of the largest retailers in the world (not discounting supermarket giants like Tesco and Walmart).

Founded in 1994, at the beginning of the dot com boom, the company prides itself in offering a huge range of rapidly delivered goods, both from and to people all over the world.

In 2007 Amazon released its flagship hi-tech product, the Kindle electronic book reader. Following on from the Kindle’s success, Amazon today presides firmly over the global eBook market to supplement its mainstay retail arm.

As an employer of tens of thousands of people in various office and warehousing locations worldwide, you could say the company’s brand name is central to the spirit of online shopping. Hotly contended by the likes of eBay; brand names like Amazon and eBay are now practically synonymous with the thought of online shopping.

Given its 20-year existence and its millions-strong returning customer-base, alongside its unfathomed visibility in Google search results for endless product names; Amazon looks poised to defend its position as one of the most popular of online retailers for many years to come.

Amazon UK Phone Numbers

With so many products and active users from all around the world, Amazon’s customer service helpline is one of the world’s busiest, so it pays to use a cheaper number, and to call by landline not mobile.

Call Amazon free from your landline or at standard rate from your mobile phone at any time, but be prepared to queue whatever the time of day you decide to call.

0870 042 0479

Speak to an Amazon UK customer service advisor by calling their general enquiries hotline: 0870 042 0479. This number is ideal for enquiries relating to any aspect of buying and selling on Amazon UK.

This number is also suitable for submitting feedback about your online shopping experience – be it a complaint or complement; and for non-trading enquiries such as job applications.

This is another alternative to the numbers above. Calls to 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute and 0870 numbers cost 13p per minute, plus access charge. Calls from mobiles, payphones and from abroad tend to cost considerably more due to higher access charges.

0800 279 7234

If you’re calling from a landline or a mobile after (since Summer 2015 when Ofcom changed call cost regulations) you may prefer to dial Amazon’s freephone 0800 number at no cost and without eating into your free minutes allowance.

Note that this is a traditional “freephone” 0800 number, which means it’s always been free to call from a standard BT landline phone in the UK, and before Summer 2015 was usually the more expensive option when calling from a mobile (because it didn’t qualify for free minutes allowances – 0800 numbers were treated by all major mobile networks as being the same as the pricey 0845 numbers – what a scam!), but since Ofcom’s call cost reforms last year 0800 numbers have been completely free from both mobiles and landlines alike (except via payphones and international calls).

0207 084 7911

Sometimes you don’t want to be routed to Amazon via a non-geographical number such as the 0800 or 0870 numbers above. If this is the case, you may prefer to call 0207 084 7911.

This is the actual London office number that the freephone number diverts to. It’s a localised, London number so is about as cheap as a call gets when it’s not completely free. This is the best number to call for the clearest audio quality, or if you’re having trouble connecting to the other numbers.

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