Amazon Kindle: 0870 042 0479

Call Amazon’s UK general enquiries helpline on 0870 042 0479 or 0843 504 7194, for help with all aspects of buying and selling on Amazon including help with eBooks for Amazon Kindle.

Alternatively you can call Amazon’s UK freephone number 0800 496 1081 or call their London office directly on 0207 084 7911.

The Amazon Kindle is a popular range of e-readers by Amazon, the ancient ecommerce giant born from book retailing online. For those unfamiliar with e-readers, the Kindle is essentially a computing device primarily designed to allow convenient reading of numerous books and other texts on electronic LCD displays to fit in nicely with the current tablet era.

Originally launched at the end of 2007, the modern Kindle range incorporates a variety of tiers. Some are tablet computers offering the ability to view movies and listen to music alongside the advertised e-reader purpose. Other models however stay true to the original purpose behind the retailer’s original innovation.

Praised for its easy to learn functions, reasonable price, and general durability and quality, the Kindle is today a firm fixture of its own, mostly self-created, tablet computing niche.

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