Amigo Loans: 0843 903 3258

Phone Amigo Loans on 0843 903 3258 for new applications, 01202 560 996 for payments and 01202 629 161 for the collections team.

Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans is one of the most novel loan guarantors in the UK, which characterises its business as separate from the conventional system of computerised credit scoring.

By offering several methods of payment including at PayPoint approved retail stores, Amigo Loans has established a reputation as a fairer deal for those looking for ‘pay day loans’ in Britain. They also pride themselves on giving regular feedback to the three major credit agencies, meaning that Amigo Loans presents a good opportunity for lenders to improve their credit rating.

With favourable reviews in the mass media and an ever-growing clientèle, Amigo Loans looks set to become the next big player in the short-term loan market.

Amigo has over 140,000 customers, so naturally they have a set of useful telephone helplines. You can use the payment hotline 24 hours a day, or call the applications and collections departments at your convenience within extended working hours as follows.

Contact Details

Phone: 0843 903 3258 or 01202 629 200
When: 9am-7pm Mon-Thu. 9am-6pm Fri. 9am-1pm Sat.

Phone: 01202 560 996
When: 24/7

Phone: 01202 629 161
When: 8am-8pm Mon-Thurs. 9am-6pm Fri. 9am-1pm Sat.

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