APCOA Parking: 0843 504 0509

Call APCOA Parking on 0843 504 0509 / 01895 272 500 to speak to a member of their Uxbridge head office.

APCOA Parking

APCOA Parking is one of the oldest and most well-established parking management companies in Europe, managing nearly a million parking spaces across the continent.

Despite having roots in the continental United States, APCOA diversified to Europe back in the 1970s, making several famous and prominent bids for parking lot land sold by governments looking to deregulate in the 1980s and 1990s. Today the company presides over massive amounts of both public and private parking facilities.

Although the modern firm has undergone several mergers, but remains one of the biggest competitors in Europe.

Phone Number

01895 272 500

This is the local phone number for the APCOA Parking head office in Uxbridge. Call this number for everything from general enquiries, to new business enquiries, to complaints about fines and ticketing.

0843 504 0509

This is a non-geographic number where calls cost 5p/minute from a standard BT landline phone, but may cost more if calling from a mobile or other networks.

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