Aqua Card: 0843 504 7240

Call the Aqua helpdesk on 0843 504 7240 or 0113 244 8986 to speak to a customer advisor about your Aqua Card account.

Aqua Card

Aqua Cards are credit cards underwritten by NewDay Ltd and NewDay Cards Ltd, trading under the Aqua brand. Founded in 2002, the British firm today prides itself on offering its services more widely and premissively than the leading credit card brands.

Known for giving credit where mainstream lenders tend to turn customers down, Aqua has grown to embrace massive numbers of otherwise ineligible customers. Given that many fall afoul of the strict rules surrounding credit ratings, Aqua has been able to market and sell its credit cards and finance to a less competitive market. They compete as a lender with ill-branded loan sharks, and as a credit card provider wit only a handful of semi-well-branded rivals.

With its customer-base presently well north of half a million individuals, Aqua’s place as a lender and credit card provider is now well-rooted in the UK.

Contact Aqua

Customer Enquiries
0843 504 7240 or 0113 244 8986
Speak to an Aqua Card helpdesk advisor on this number to report a lost or stolen card, make a payment, reset your online account password or ask a general enquiry.

Claims – credit card repayment cover
0845 600 6007
Call this number to make a claim on credit card repayment cover.

Claims – Card Care cover
0870 850 6850
Call this number to make a claim on Card Care cover.

Card Activation
0800 028 7777
Call this number to activate your Aqua Card.

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