Argos: 0843 504 7211

Contact Argos on 0843 504 7211 or 0345 640 3030 for general enquiries and stores’ info. Call 0345 640 2020 for website help and ordering enquiries (including home delivery).

Argos Catalogue

Argos is Britain’s largest and most well-known of catalogue-based retailers, offering a huge range of merchandise which is selectively showcased in high street stores and fully-stocked in adjacent warehouses.

Having expanded its operations online, to television and even to mobile platforms, the modern Argos is a company ever-conscious of keeping up with the times. Its traditional catalogue sales do however remain important, particularly to older clients and families. Over 33,000 different product lines ranging from clothes to toys to garden equipment are on sale at Argos.

Argos’ wide range of products, numerous high street outlets and speedy home delivery make Argos a cornerstone of British household shopping. They now compete head-on with the likes of Tesco Direct and other supermarkets offline, while also competing with the full force of modern Ecommerce – these two competitor formats have seen the likes of Index and other catalogue rivals die out in recent decades.

Argos contact numbers

Argos has two main customer service helplines, as detailed below. Lines are open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm and Sun 10am-6pm.

General enquiries / Store enquiries

0843 504 7211 or 0345 640 3030
Phone this number for all general enquiries including store locations and opening times.

Online ordering / Website help

0345 640 2020
Phone this number if you’re having trouble with the website or need help with your online order, or if you need to confirm or amend your home delivery arrangements.

Technical Support / Product Support

If you need help with your laptop or desktop computer, contact Argos’ technical experts on the relevant number below.

Acer: 0871 760 1000
Apple: 0844 209 0611
Asus: 0870 120 8340
Dell: 0844 338 1000
HP: 0844 369 0369
MSI: 0845 604 0105
Samsung: 0330 726 7864
Sony: 0870 240 2408
Toshiba: 0844 847 8944


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