Asda: 0843 504 7224

Phone Asda on 0843 504 7224 or 0113 243 5435 for customer service and all other enquiries. This Asda Head Office helpline is suitable for staff, customers and suppliers alike.


Asda is one of the UK’s Big Four supermarket chains, and is owned by American supermarket giant Walmart – the biggest retailer in the world; competing head-on with Tesco which is the UK’s leading supermarket and world’s 2nd biggest retailer.

Asda is one of Britain’s most distinctive supermarkets, winning the industry’s best price awards for several years running.

The company roots can be traced back to the pre-war era, where groups of farmers worked together to establish their own dairies. These soon evolved into retail outlets, which were then enlightened by the visiting American GEN supermarket group with modern presentation. Today the firm has hundreds of outlets across Britain, and is part of the world famous Walmart brand.

Nowadays Asda remains busy with establishing smaller, local outlets to compete with convenience stores while maintaining its large supermarkets that compete head-on with the industry-leading Tesco Extra superstores.

Asda Customer Service Phone Numbers

Head Office Switchboard
0843 504 7224 or 0113 243 5435
Extension 1 for Customer Service

Asda Direct – Customer Service Team
0800 952 0101

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