Aston Villa: 0843 506 0471

Contact Aston Villa Football Club – phone reception on 0843 506 0471 or 0121 327 2299 for customer service, else phone the ticket office on freephone 0800 612 0970 to book your tickets now.

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Stretching back over 130 years, Aston Villa Football Club has held a decisive popular presence. Fans across the city of Birmingham and surrounding West Midlands hold that their following is a way of life, an undying devotion that extends beyond mere entertainment or hobbyism. It’s easy to see why: the dramas, shocks and footballing triumphs the Aston Villa team have generated over the decades are enrapturing just to reminisce over.

A Premier League side, Aston Villa have long been famed for their Villa Park ground which seats an impressive 42,682 people. Harbouring an intense but friendly rivalry with local rivals Birmingham City, instances of the Birmingham Derby frequently see whole swathes of the city buzzing with excitement. Talent associated with the club is homegrown, as with Brian Little, and foreign-born such as the Bulgarian Stiliyan Petrov.

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Although its cup successes have become less frequent since the club’s league successes during the 1990s and European successes of the 1980s, Aston Villa remain decisive and formidable contenders in top flight footy. Happily for those of royalist persuasion, Prince William is counted among the more illustrious of the team’s supporters. Most recently in 2014, the club has made headlines with its owner Randy Lerner offering it for sale for a sizable £200 million investment.

Contact Aston Villa

Phone numbers

Aston Villa Football Club has two different phone numbers, please call the most appropriate number for your enquiry.

General enquiries helpline: 0121 327 2299
This is a local Birmingham 0121 number so calls are charged at local rate from both landlines and mobile phones. This helpline take sall general enquiries and customer service concerns.

Alternate number for general enquiries: 0843 506 0471
Calls to this number cost 7p per minute PLUS whatever the “access charge” rate is (set by your phone’s service provider).

Tickets hotline: 0800 612 0970
This is a non-geographic freephone 0800 number so calls are free when phoning from a standard BT landline. Book your tickets fast using this freephone contact number for Aston Villa Football Club.

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You can send something in the post or write a letter to Aston Vila at this address:

Aston Villa FC,
Villa Park,
B6 6HE,
United Kingdom.

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