Call the AT&T UK general enquiries helpline: 01527 518181.


AT&T, short for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, enjoys a history of almost 150 years to the very dawn of long-distance communications.

Responsible for the early adoption of telephone technology in the early 20th century, AT&T’s early confidence and investment played a part in bringing communications to millions in the United States. Today the firm is dominant in the landline phone and Internet broadband markets, with millions of citizens signed up to its subscription services.

Still eager to innovate, AT&T today is committed to bringing Voice-Over IP (VoIP) services to those still not benefiting from the technology.

AT&T UK Phone Numbers

General Enquiries
01527 518181

BusinessDirect – Customer Support
01527 513 950

02034 505 751
00800 1407 1407 – international call

iPhone Support – International Care
001 916 843 4685 – international call

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