Buy As You View: 0870 183 0633

Contact Buy As You View (BAYV) on their local-rate phone number 0333 136 9347 which is free of charge if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your tariff, alternatively you can contact their customer service team by calling 0870 183 0633.

Buy As You View is one of the largest rent-to-own companies in the UK, specialising in the sale of appliances, bicycles and electronics on a hire purchase basis.

With more than forty years of history, Buy As You View has been a popular choice for those wishing to pay for popular home goods on a gradual basis owing to other commitments or low income. The modern company is strongly involved with medical charities, particularly those surrounding cancer.

Still based in South Wales after decades of operating, Buy As You View remains one of the most popular and successful hire purchase firms in Britain.

Phone Buy As You View (BAYV) Customer Services by dialling 0870 183 0633 or you can reach this department by dialling their helpline number 0333 136 9347, calls to this latter number are free of charge if you have free inclusive minutes on your landline or mobile package.

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