The Beatles Story Museum

Call The Beatles Story Museum on their general enquiries contact number 0151 709 1963 to book tickets, and while you’re at it, test the museum’s staff with some Beatles trivia over the phone!

Alternatively, email or write to:
The Beatles Story, Britannia Vaults, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AD

The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool

The Beatles Story is based in Liverpool’s scenic, regenerated docklands area near its downtown district. Given that The Beatles are the biggest band yet to emerge from the creatively vibrant city of Liverpool, its small wonder that the city continues to prosper off of the sizeable legacy left by the Fab Four.

Popular exhibits at The Beatles Story museum include genuine tickets and concert programmes from some of their first ever shows at the nearby Cavern Club, the guitar and piano which belonged to John Lennon, plus recovered footage of the band touring and performing around the world. A full-scale and highly accurate replica of the Cavern’s legendary room as it appeared in the 1960s is also present. For fans of the Beatles and the history of popular music, it’s an unmissable and wonderful place to visit.

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