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To share your story with the Birmingham Mail newspaper, contact the newsdesk on this phone number: 0121 234 5000.

Birmingham Mail

For decades, the Birmingham Mail newspaper has provided local Brummies as well as people in the surrounding boroughs of the West Midlands the local news of importance. Sports coverage, especially concerning local teams West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa, is frequently prominent. Despite a decline in influence in the face of online media’s vast expansion, the paper continues to provision ample coverage important to the locality.

The Birmingham Mail has won awards for its investigations, particularly those surrounding inner city crime and violence. Historically, reporters spent time undercover and endangered in pursuit of informing the local population of newsworthy material. Its local history coverage has also been lauded for its accuracy, with the paper’s dedicated staff going further than most to rediscover and republish old archive images thought lost to the annals of time.

Until 2005, the paper was known as the Birmingham Evening Mail. After consultations between the editorial board and the company directors, it was decided that the newspaper should simplify its moniker for the sake of better recognition. The Birmingham Mail continues to be widely read across all age demographics, despite a general decline in sales since the 1990s. It maintains a formidable online presence too; with its parent company Trinity Mirror harbouring ambitions to expand their journalism to modern platforms such as mobile apps in order to appeal to new generations of news readers.

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The Birmingham Mail’s newsdesk phone numbers are 0121 234 5000 and 0121 234 5430.

Advertising enquiries should be directed to the regional sales representative at 0121 234 5105.

Postal correspondence should be addressed to:

BPM Media (Midlands)
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You can also email the newsdesk at:

Or Tweet a message to the Birmingham Mail on their Twitter account: @Birminghammail

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