Question: What is Boohoo’s customer service contact number?

Answer: unfortunately, Boohoo does not have a customer service phone number.


Boohoo does have a head office phone number, but they only appreciate B2B calls to that number, and have requested that we takedown all mentions of it. We have kindly obliged to their request.

Consider emailing them instead – unlike their B2B phoneline, this email address is good for customer service enquiries from personal consumers:

You can visit Boohoo’s customer service website portal for FAQs, Tweets, their postal address, contact form and related information:

Who is Boohoo?

Boohoo is one of Manchester’s biggest fashion outlets which in recent years has taken to selling clothing and accessories internationally.

The company’s strengths have been in marrying up reasonable prices with cutting-edge style. It caters to a wide range of consumer tastes, from the standout to the subtle. It also boasts one of the most rapidly growing product ranges, with up to one hundred new items added to its range on a daily basis. In recent times, Boohoo has taken to designing items in-house for maximum impact.

In a mere eight years Boohoo has taken the lead in British fashion thanks to its highly engaged and rapidly adaptive approach to style.

Our review of Boohoo Customer Service

Finding a contact number

Boohoo’s customer service phone number is notoriously difficult to find, because it doesn’t exist. They do have a head office number, but they refuse to accept non-B2B customer service calls on that line.

If you have a customer service enquiry, you shouldn’t phone in. Boohoo allows you to Tweet them or email them your concerns, as it’s much easier for them to manage – they can reply in their own time without devoting customer service staff to answering phones at a moment’s notice throughout the day. Plus a namedrop on Twitter boosts their Twitter account’s visibility.

Returns speed & reliability

Boohoo’s returns policy is quite reliable in that you will very likely get your money back eventually. Eventually being the operative word though, because it can take a few weeks.

Customers have been known to wait a few weeks just for their warehouse to register that they’ve received their return, nevermind to actually supply the refund so fast! Still, customers have had varying experiences in returning products to Boohoo – sometimes good and sometimes not – like most ecommerce clothing companies to be honest.

Size expectations

Many shoppers find it difficult to buy clothes from Boohoo in the right size for them. Boohoo tend to oversize their garments – customers have been known to complain with comments as extreme as “Boohoo’s clothes are big enough to pitch a tent in”.

Regular Boohoo customers tend to see this coming, so they intentionally buy clothes in a size larger than they would in the next shop, specifically because they know Boohoo are going to supply oversized clothes.

Price and quality

Commercially, Boohoo is quite successful, because its clothes are cute and stylish. However, they tend to be made with budget materials while lacking a budget price tag to match. Many customers feel that if the prices were cheaper, the products would be much better value for money. Still, Boohoo has many loyal customers because, of course, fashion is priceless.

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