Phone the Boots telephone switchboard on 0115 918 2000.

Customer care opening hours are 8:30am-7pm weekdays, 8:45am-5pm weekends, and 9am-4pm on bank holidays.

Boots in Market Street, Manchester

Boots is one of the most prolific pharmacy chains in the UK. It has outlets in most towns and cities throughout the country as well as in the Republic of Ireland.

Boots has more than 150 years of history, having been founded in 1849 by John Boot. For decades Boots was a single, family-run store. Over decades it gradually grew, before a series of acquisitions made it the biggest national pharmacy in the UK. Today, Boots presides over millions of important medical prescriptions in partnership with thousands of doctor’s services.

In the modern era Boots has become synonymous in the British consciousness with dispensing medicines. Its ongoing success are complimented by ongoing charitable efforts.

Boots contact numbers

Switchboard: 0115 918 2000 – direct (geographic) phoneline, local rate website enquiries: 0345 609 0055 – proxied (nongeographic) number, local rate

Store enquiries: 0345 070 8090 – proxied (nongeographic) number, local rate

Customer care opening hours

If you have a customer service enquiry for Boots, please call in within the following hours so your enquiry can be handled efficiently over the phone.

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:45am-5pm
Bank Holidays: 9am-4pm


Geographic & non-geographic numbers explained

Direct, localised numbers (beginning 01 or 02) are generally the best numbers to call, in terms of call quality and cost.

Some non-geographic numbers (national numbers routed through to the local 01 or 02 number) are freephone numbers (0300, 0800, 0808) while others are particularly expensive to call (0871 & 0872 = 10p/min+extras; 09 = over £1/min+extras, 118 numbers = even worse).

03 numbers are legally not allowed to cost more than 01 & 02 (local) numbers.

08 numbers (even “freephone” 0800 numbers) can be quite expensive to call from a mobile until Summer 2015 when Ofcom reforms kick in.

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