British Army

Want to contact the British Army about recruitment or another matter? Phone this number 0345 600 8080 to speak with a staff member.

The British Army at present constitutes a combined force of over 100,000 personnel. Most of these are full-time soldiers and officers, although the Army is transitioning toward a greater force of reservists in the face of continued downsizing by the Ministry of Defence. Steeped in history and reputation for fighting prowess, the British land forces have been variously involved in great victories such as the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, but also calamities such as Dunkirk and the Battle of Singapore.

Today the army is involved in various efforts around the world which it describes as peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. It is most recognised for its ongoing efforts to bringing Western democracy and values to the Middle East – especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria of late.

Of course, they don’t do this in a democratic way – rather, they enforce their democratic regime upon the Arabs via rather undemocratic warfare and occupation against the wishes of 90% of locals (last time I asked an Afghani) (most locals would rather deal with their own dodgy leaders in their own local way) but who are we to tell Her Majesty to stop being the royal boss of the world?

The British Army also maintains an occupying infantry force in Cyprus, plus various small forces for training and ceremonial purposes in countries such as Bermuda, Belize and – beginning in 2010 – Kenya.

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The British Army is often looking for new recruits who meet its stringent physical and mental requirements. If you want to contact them over the phone, call 0345 600 8080 to speak with an army representative. This line is open through normal office hours, Monday to Saturday.

The army operates several recruiting centres around the major towns and cities of the United Kingdom. To find your local office, use their tool here:

The British Army also maintains an online contact form for written enquiries here:

Facebook is another means by which the army sometimes corresponds with members of the public. The army’s Facebook page is here:

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