Butlins: 0843 504 7209

To contact Butlins, phone their head office in Hemel Hempstead on this number: 0843 504 7209 / 01442 286 365.

Alternatively, you can write to Butlins by email to feedback@butlins.com or by postal mail to: Butlins, 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4YL.


Butlins is a chain of holiday camps in the United Kingdom. The first camp was established in the pre-war years in Skegness, which remains the site of the company’s largest modern venue.

In the postwar years Butlins rapidly became identified with the recreation of ordinary Britons seeking a getaway from year-round urban living. Several camps were established and became both popular and renowned as affordable places to have a fun family holiday. The iconic Butlins staff – known as Redcoats – take charge of every camp’s nightly entertainment.

Despite challenges and competition of foreign travel, Butlins has remained successful in the contemporary era, employing well over 3,000 people in its facilities.

Contact Butlins book your stay or find out more by calling their customer service & information team on 0843 504 7209.

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