Cash Converters: 0843 504 0624 (head office)

Contact CASH CONVERTERS customer service on 0845 0348271, or phone their head office reception on 0843 504 0624 or 01928 737410.

Cash Converters - gold wanted

Cash Converters is a pawnbroker which operates across the world. Founded in Perth, Australia the company has since expanded to several other nations including the UK.

Famous for their stores which stock a large range of second-hand consumer electronics, music and video games, much of the Cash Converters’ revenue is actually from loan arrangements. The business itself operates as a franchise for new and existing pawnbrokers; given the amount of assets it presides over, the company’s international arm is now listed on the London Stock Exchange.

A well-known part of Britain’s second-hand goods market for over 20 years, Cash Converters today stands as a success within its retailing and loan selling niche.

Contact Details

Head Office

Phone number: 0843 504 0624 / 01928 737410 (reception)

Address: Cash Converters, Innovation House, Aston Lane South, Preston Brook, Cheshire, WA7 3FY

Customer Services

Phone number: 0845 0348271

Email address:

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