CGU Insurance (Australia)

To contact CGU Insurance customer services, phone their Australian office on +61 3 9601 8222 – this is an international phone number so expect high call costs.

Founded on the principle of offering great personal insurance at a price affordable to all, CGU is one of Australia’s most popular insurance companies. CGU has rightly become renowned for its professionalism and informed experience in giving customers the best deals possible on their car and home insurances together with policies for travel and boating.

Able to tackle the myriad challenges that the diverse climate of the Australian nation poses to drivers and homeowners, its policies are comprehensive and can be tailored according to both the customer and the lay of the land. CGU Insurance frequently promotes safety in desert conditions and sponsors action against storms and other climatological occurrences that regularly threaten Australia’s vulnerable homes and vehicles.

With them having operating with success for decades, when phoning CGU for a new quotation or for some advice on a policy you’ve already got is easy. Their customer service advisors can pull up your account details swiftly, processing every detail of your policy in seconds in order to help you with your quotes and claims. All claims are accepted via CGU’s 24 hour insurance claims helpline, with every claimant given a fair hearing in the context of any accident or calamity in the home or on the road.

How to contact CGU Insurance

Contacting CGU Insurance is easy, whether about quotes, claims or general enquiries, simply phone their customer service team in their Australian office on this phone number: +61 3 9601 8222 . If you’re within Australia, you can simply phone 13 24 81 to get instant help from a CGU Insurance advisor. These phone numbers operate between 8am and 6pm, Mondays to Fridays, Eastern Australia time.

If you’re calling to make a new claim, when calling from Australia, phone their 24/7 helpline 13 24 80.

For enquiries or requests through the post, CGU has a selection of regional offices based in each Australian state – find the office most relevant to you via this page on CGU’s website:

Written enquiries are also handled via the company’s online contact form on this page:

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