Channel 4

Contact Channel 4 by phoning their UK head office contact number: 028 9092 1702 (suitable for all media and general enquiries).

Channel 4

Channel 4 is a UK-based television broadcasting station that began transmission in November 1982. To great fanfare, this key public service broadcaster is known for its hard-hitting documentaries, and social conscience – Channel 4 has always been at the front of the vanguard for new and radical broadcasting methods and subjects.

Famed for its independently commissioned dramas and documentaries, Channel 4 for years held a reputation for an alternative manner of broadcasting. Having expanded into cable television with various channels centred around film, music and dramatic programming, Channel 4 today remains an important British media enterprise.

One of Channel 4’s most famous traditional series is Brookside which, with its combination of gritty social realism and everyday drama, launched the soap opera genre up to new heights. And in more recent times, the channel’s biggest successes have been in reality TV, with shows such as Big Brother proving to be ratings winners. Channel 4 is well known for being the first broadcasting company to bring Big Brother to our screens – this series was the first show to catapult normal members of the public into the public eye – it was also revolutionary in that its stars, activities and winners were all dictated by telephone voting.

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