Cheaper Travel Insurance

If you’d like to contact Cheaper Travel Insurance customer service, phone their London office contact number: 0207 748 0651.


The popularity of holidays has meant more travellers going abroad than ever before, often on a regular yearly basis. Being in a foreign country demands good insurance for peace of mind and having that knowledge that you’ll be safe in case any calamity or illness strikes. The philosophy expounded by Cheaper Travel Insurance is simply that the customer needn’t pay a fortune for its cover and that travel insurance generally shouldn’t be a major cost of going abroad.

Since the vast majority of holidaymakers enjoy their trips away without accident or misfortune coming their way, a wellspring of gratitude has accompanied the rise in success experienced by the company. Policies are spelled out clearly, with provisions for belongings and extreme sports among other things spelled out in a manner that clarifies everything. If you choose to take out an insurance policy with this company, your mind will be set at ease well in advance of your journey.

How to contact Cheaper Travel Insurance

There are various means of contacting Cheaper Travel Insurance, which is a trading name of Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd.

If you’d like a new travel insurance quote, phone the sales line on 0330 400 1227.

For customer service, phone 0207 748 0651.

If you’re a policyholder in an emergency situation abroad, get help immediately by phoning +44 (0) 207 748 0066.

If you’d like to write to Cheaper Travel Insurance, you can do so by emailing or write to the parent company at this address:

Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd,
Maitland House,
Warrior Square,
SS1 2JY.

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