Child Benefit Office UK: 0843 504 7175

Phone the Child Benefit Helpline on 0843 504 7175 / 0300 200 3100 if you have recently had a child or would like to register a change in your circumstances.

Child Benefit became a means-tested benefit for the first time on the 7th January 2013; until that date the benefit had been paid to any parent or guardian, regardless of their income. This recent change dictates that Child Benefit is taxed in cases where one or more parent earns £50,000 or more. Furthermore, if one or more parent earns £60,000 or more no Child Benefit will be paid at all.

Child Benefit is paid four-weekly at a rate of £20.50 for your first child, and then an extra £13.55 for each subsequent child.

Other than the immediate financial ones, there are a number of other reasons why it is important that you register your child for Child Benefit:

  • Child Benefit payments count towards your National Insurance credits and, therefore, your state pension.
  • Registering your child for child benefit will make it easier for that child to gain a National Insurance number when they reach 16 years of age.
  • To protect your rights to a number of other benefits, including Guardian’s Allowance.
  • Child Benefits can be back-dated up to, but not more than, three months, therefore the sooner you contact the Child Benefits team the more likely you are to be paid all the money that you are entitled to.
  • High earning parents (those earning over £50,00) may be fined as much as £100 if they do not fill in a tax self-assessment on time.

New Claims – How to Apply

It can take up to three months for your Child Benefit claim to be processed, therefore it is important that you complete a Child Benefit claim form (CH2) as soon as possible.

Claim forms can be downloaded from

Alternatively you can call the Child Benefit team and request that they send a CH2 to your postal address.

Along with the CH2 you should send a copy of your child’s original birth certificate to this address:

Child Benefit Office (GB),
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE88 1ZD

Top Tips for Child Benefit Claimants

  1. Only one parent can be named on your Child Benefit claim form, and the Child Benefit team will only be authorised to speak to this parent – not the other – over the phone.
  2. You can appeal against a child Benefit decision, if you feel it is wrong, by filling in a CH24A, or by calling the Child Benefit helpline and requesting that your claim be looked at again.
  3. Although Child Benefit entitlement usually ends when your child reaches the age of 16 you can call the Child benefits helpline to see if you are entitled to a continuation of payment, if your child continues in full-time education, or moves into full-time training.
  4. You can call HMRC if you have a query related to the recent changes to Child Benefit payments and how it affects your tax.
  5. If you have a complaint about the handling of your Child Benefit application you can phone the Child Benefit office or write to the postal address, below.

Contact Details

Phone numbers

  • 0300 200 3100 – Good for mobiles and landlines – call this number if you’re unsure which geographical number to call but want to avoid 08 numbers as they aren’t included in mobile contracts’ inclusive free minutes like 03 numbers are!
  • 0161 210 3086 – Good for mobiles and landlines – this is the direct number to their Manchester customer service head office – call this number if you wish to avoid being routed through non-geographical 03 numbers which may increase the time it takes to have your call answered and may reduce the call’s audio quality.
  • 0843 504 7175 – May be more reliable, as this number is vetted by ContactNumbers.Guru for quality assurance, to ensure it’s the most appropriate number for people seeking child benefit enquiry support, and this number is unaffected by changes in the official numbers above.

Postal address

Child Benefit Office (GB),
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE88 1ZD

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