Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

Contact the CITB on (phone) 0344 994 4400 / 01485 577 316 or (email)

Construction training

CITB is the Construction Industry Training Board, which is the UK’s official training authority for those working within the construction trades.

Offering a wide range of apprenticeships together with information and feedback to both the government and associated organisations, the CITB has operated in its capacity for over 50 years. Presently at the forefront of supplying labour to a nation facing a sustained housing shortage, the training board is all too aware of the challenges its industry are up against today.

Long serving as a vital information repository for employers, contractors and workers alike alongside its official functions, the CITB is a vital part of the UK’s modern construction sector.

Contact the CITB

Head office address
Bircham Newton
Kings Lynn
PE31 6RH

Phone: 0344 994 4400 / 01485 577 316


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