The Co-Operative Group: 0843 504 7248

Contact the Co-Operative Group on their central switchboard phone number: 0161 834 1212. Alternatively you can also contact them on this head office phone number: 0843 504 7248.

The Co-operative Group is a family of businesses managed by its members. Its subsidiaries most notably include The Co-Operative Bank and the Co-Operative Food store. There is also Co-Operative Travel, Co-Operative Insurance and all the usual high-profit business models under the Co-Op’s guise of being ethically motivated to the core.

Contact the Co-Operative Group

Group Head Office

Address: The Co-operative Group, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG

Switchboard Phone Number: 0843 504 7248 / 0161 834 1212

Co-Op Food

Phone: 0800 068 6727
Hours: 9am-8pm Monday-Friday.

Co-Op Travel

Phone after booking: 0844 879 8874
Phone before booking: 0844 879 8835
Hours: 9am-8pm Monday-Friday. 10am-4pm Saturdays.

Co-Op Bank

Phone: 03457 212 212
Hours: 24/7

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