The Co-Operative Bank

Phone the Co-Op Bank on 03457 212 212 – open 24 hours, with mobile-friendly call costs (like all 03 contact numbers)

Alternatively, write to: The Co-operative Bank, Personal Customer Services, PO Box 200, Delf House, Southway, Skelmersdale, WN8 6GH

The Co-Op Bank

The Co-Operative Bank (‘Co-Op Bank’) is one of Britain’s longest standing high street banking establishments, now also well established online (as you’d expect). For years the bank has fought its corner against larger commercial competition by promoting itself as the more ethical alternative (thus standing out from the crowd in this greed-oriented industry).

Provisioning customers with loans, credit cards, savings and current accounts as well as various types of insurance, the Co-Op Bank has for years been at the centre of British banking enterprise. This ‘social’ bank appears unique in the industry as the only mainstream bank seen to be operating in pursuit of human rights and international development. Of course other banks sponsor charity events and provide grants to community groups, but the Co-Op is meat to have ethics at its core rather than in a minor wing.

Pledging to put its customers first and striving to improve the speed and efficiency of its services through mobile banking, the Co-Op Bank remains popular among UK customers.

The Co-Operative Bank is part of the wider family of Co-Operative companies, most notably the convenience store franchise Co-Op Food and the travel agency Co-Op Travel.

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