Crime Stoppers

Phone Crime Stoppers on freephone 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, contact them on the direct number to their Surrey callcentre offices: 01883 731336.

The 01883 number may be less memorable than the 0800 number, but both numbers are charged at the same rate for BT landline users, and the 01883 number’s call costs are more mobile friendly and also more international caller friendly, plus its call quality may be superior too as it’s not routed through a non-geographic numbers system (it’s pointed directly at Crime Stoppers’ Surrey-based callcentre).

Crimestoppers' bribery

Who are “Crime Stoppers”?

Crime Stoppers is a UK Government sponsored charity which seeks to combat serious crime and is a household name throughout the UK due to its legendarily eye-catching broadcast bulletins on BBC1.

For the most notorious criminals the organisation offers cash rewards for information leading to conviction.

Working closely with police forces across the UK, much of Crime Stoppers function is in fulfilling the wishes of anonymity for those provisioning information through its phone line. Since its founding in 1988, the charity has been involved in solving thousands of crimes, and has been praised by communities and policing groups alike for its adept operational procedures.

Funded partly by small donations from members of the public, Crime Stoppers has established a strong reputation in the country’s ever-present fight against crime.

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