Debenhams Car Insurance: 0344 840 9506

For Barclays Insurance customer service, simply phone 0800 0279 844 for assistance with your home insurance policy.

Debenhams Insurance – all departments

Department Customer service number
Car Insurance 0344 840 6305
Home Insurance 0344 776 5399
Travel Insurance 0343 658 0371
Wedding Insurance 0800 440 2430
Life Insurance 0344 776 5650
Pet Insurance 0333 234 0580

Below you’ll find the full set of contact details for Debenhams’ top half-a-dozen insurance products (car, home, travel, wedding, life and pet insurance) including phone numbers for helplines dedicated to quotations (for prospective policyholders), customer service (for existing customers), claims and more. If you’re unsure which number to call, try the customer service helpline above and they’ll direct you to the most appropriate department for your needs.

Car Insurance

Debenhams customer services will ask you questions about your driving history and motor vehicle, and provide you with a quick, reasonable quote or customer care on an existing policy.

QUOTES: Phone 0344 840 9506 to contact Debenhams Insurance about a car insurance quotation.

CUSTOMER SERVICES:  For general enquiries, or help with an existing motor policy you hold, or to discuss making a claim, phone Debenhams Insurance advisors on 0344 840 6305.

RAC BREAKDOWN: If your policy includes RAC as the breakdown cover provider, phone them on 0330 159 0453 to receive customer service or roadside assistance.

DEBENHAMS INSURANCE BREAKDOWN: Should you have chosen Debenhams as your breakdown provider, call 0190 423 4874 to receive either customer care or swift aid at the roadside.

WINDSCREEN CLAIMS: If your windscreen has been fractured, shattered or chipped, phone 0190 423 4893 for rapid repair.

Home Insurance

QUOTES & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you want to get a quote on Debenhams home insurance, phone 0344 776 5399 where advisors can provide you with a fair price, fast. This number also handles general enquiries and provides customer service to existing home insurance policyholders.

CLAIMS: Phone Debenhams Insurance on 0344 9027391 to make a claim on your household insurance.

Travel Insurance

QUOTES & CUSTOMER SERVICE: To gain a reasonable and fair quote on travel insurance for an upcoming journey abroad, simply phone 0343 658 0371.

You can email Debenhams for a travel insurance quotation, just send it to:

CLAIMS: To make a claim on an existing travel policy you bought from Debenhams Insurance, call 0343 658 0374.

If you’d prefer to email Debenhams Insurance with a claim on your travel cover, write to:

Wedding Insurance

QUOTES & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you’re soon to be married and would like to insure your big day, phone Debenhams Insurance on 0800 440 2430 to receive a fair quote.

CLAIMS: Should your wedding have not gone according to plan and  you need to make a claim with Debenhams Insurance, call them on this number 0344 412 4296.

Life Insurance

QUOTES & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you want to obtain life cover from Debenhams Insurance, call this number 0344 776 5650. This number also provides more information about life cover, together with customer care for existing policyholders.

CLAIMS: Phone 0344 902 7399 to make a claim on life insurance for someone who has recently become deceased.

Pet Insurance

QUOTES & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you’d like to make an enquiry about insuring your household pet, simply phone 0333 234 0580. This number is also useful for pet owners who already have a policy with Debenhams Insurance and wish to amend or renew their cover.

CLAIMS: If your animal has been diagnosed with illness, or suffered an accident, you can call Debenhams Insurance on 0333 234 0618 to make a claim.

About Debenhams Insurance

As one of the premier department stores in the UK, Debenhams has spent many decades building on a sterling reputation as a retailer and provider of quality clothing, accessories and other goods. Expanding its retail business philosophy into finance, Debenhams Insurance offers a variety of competitive, reasonably priced insurance policies – after just a few short years in operation, the company has amassed a good track record, with feedback among current and former customers strong.

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