Direct Line: 0870 042 0483

Contact Direct Line on 0870 042 0483 or use their direct geographic phone number 0141 349 0484 for general enquiries and customer service.

Alternatively, call them on their mobile-friendly national numbers: 0345 246 3761 for quotes and 0345 246 8707 for claims.

Direct Line You can also phone Direct Line on their 24-hour freephone number 0800 590 590 for immediate roadside assistance during standard hours.

Direct Line is one of the UK’s leading car insurance companies, having also diversified into home insurance, life insurance and all other popular forms of insurance in recent years. After all, you’d expect nothing less from a leading car insurance merchant these days.

Beginning in 1985 in the midst of the deregulatory climate in Britain, Direct Line took advantage of what was then an innovative trait – taking on the majority of its customers over the telephone. Today the company has expanded internationally, and estimates that it issues an insurance quote on average every thirty seconds.

With an gigantic portfolio of more than five million customers across several countries, Direct Line’s place among the most established insurers is a sure one.

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