DLA: 0843 504 7193

Phone the DLA benefits helpline on 0843 504 7193 or alternatively 0345 712 3456.

Both of these contact numbers will get you straight through to a UK disability benefits advisor during normal working hours (excluding bank holidays).

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit paid to sufferers of health conditions – mental or physical – that leave them unable to work and in need of extra support in order to allow them to lead as normal a life as possible. 

DLA – Care component

There are two parts to DLA. The first is the care component, which is paid to recipients who require the support of a caregiver. At present there are three weekly rates of the DLA care component: higher (£79.15), middle (£53.00), and lower (£21.00).

  1. Lower rate (£21) is paid to recipients who need occasional support during the day, with bodily functions, and or preparation of meals.
  2. Middle rate is paid to recipients who need a carer to provide continual care to them throughout either the day OR night.
  3. Higher rate (£79.15) is paid to recipients who require continual support during the day AND night.

DLA – Mobility component

The second half of DLA is the mobility component, this is divided into two rates: higher (£55.25) and lower (£21.00). The lower rate is paid to recipient who, through their mental or physical impairment, can not walk outdoors or make unfamiliar journeys, without the supervision of a caregiver. There are four criterion for the higher rate, only one of which must be met:

  1. A physical disablement which leaves the individual unable to walk.
  2. A physical disablement which would make walking, or any other form of exercise, an endangerment to their health.
  3. In order to go outside need a caregiver with them due to: A) having had both legs amputated, B) being born without legs or feet, C) being deaf or blind, or D) are severely mentally impaired and to go outside alone would endanger them or another.

Why phone the DLA helpline?

  • If you are in in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance it is worth calling DLA , to see if you are entitled to any extra support.
  • DLA is being phased out over the course of 2015 and 2016, to be replaced by the new Personal Independence Payments. It is worth contacting DLA if you are concerned how this change will effect your payments.
  • If, upon reading the conditions for payment of DLA (above), you believe that you or someone you care for, is entitled to DLA you can call the department to request that they do an assessment for you.
  • DLA is a non means-tested benefit, therefore no matter how much money you earn or have saved, you are still entitled to it, if you meet the qualifying conditions. If you have saving but suffer from some form of disablement it may be worth calling the DLA helpline to find out if you qualify.
  • It is believed that many recipients of ESA are also entitled to DLA, but they have never called the DLA offices and requested an assessment.
  • Many people mistakenly believe that they are only entitled to DLA if they have a caregiver, who supports them. In actual fact a person is entitled to DLA if they meet the qualifying conditions and regardless of whether they have a caregiver or not. It is worth giving DLA a call to check if you meet the conditions.
  • Many people who suffer from mental health issues that interfere with their day to day life have not claimed DLA, due to DLA being a benefit that is primarily associated with physical disability. However, DLA payments can be paid to sufferers of the following mental health issues: severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, nervous breakdown, thoughts of self harm.
  • If you qualify for DLA you will, as a result, qualify for a higher rate in other state benefits such as ESA and Job Seekers Allowance.
  • If you contact the DLA offices and find you are entitled to DLA your carer will then be able to apply for Carer’s Allowance.

DLA Contact Details

The Disability Living Allowance helpline number is 0843 504 7193 / 0345 712 3456

Office open MON-FRI, 8am-6pm

The Personal Independence Helpline: 0345 850 3322

Office open MON-FRI, 8am-6pm


Disability Benefits Centre
Warbreck House
Warbreck Hill
Lancashire FY2 0YE

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