Domino’s Pizza: 0843 506 0462

Call the Domino’s head office on 0843 506 0462 where you can press 1 for customer services, 2 for team member care, or hold for reception.

Alternatively you can call the same helpline at local rate using their direct, geographic phone number 01908 580 000.

Or you can call their dedicated national customer service helpline directly on this phone number: 0844 571 9141.

Otherwise, to find the phone number of your local Domino’s branch, input your postcode here or view the full list of stores here. If you have a complaint you’d like to escalate, read on.

Note that calls may cost considerably more than expected if calling from a mobile, payphone, or from abroad.

Domino's Pizza Domino’s is one of the world’s most popular pizza houses, offering a wide variety of pizzas, sides and desserts together with a live update system for online and mobile orders. Its outlets accept collections but mainly serve their customers by delivering fresh pizzas to their doors.

The roots of the firm can be traced back to the early 1960s, when two brothers opened a pizza store near a university in Michigan. Their assumptions about student appetites paid off, and by the end of the 60s Domino’s had become a growing franchise. Today it operates in more than seventy countries and collectively presides over more than 10,000 franchise stores.

Some of Domino’s most interesting introductions to the market include crusts stuffed with cheese, together with a website that allows customers to tailor make their own pizza. In several countries, notably the UK and the USA, entire communities of pizza lovers eagerly share coupons offering up to 50% off various meal deals. Eager to make the store a one-stop shop, owners have heavily promoted its line of desserts, partnering with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The highly digitised methods underpinning Domino’s ordering system have allowed for its franchises to each handle a specific catchment area in a given locality. Research into pizza lover’s habits mean the company is constantly improving on and expanding its product range: anxious to show customers that it is exploring other foods beside its core line of pizzas, Domino’s dropped the word ‘Pizza’ from its official name and logo in 2012.

Renowned for its 30-minute guarantee on its deliveries, the modern Domino’s constantly keeps the edge in spite of heavy competition from independent takeaway outlets across the globe.

Escalating your Complaint

If you have a complaint about your Domino’s order, you should contact the branch responsible in the first instance.

To find the phone number of your local Domino’s branch, input your postcode here or view the full list of stores here.

Alternatively, this is the national customer service helpline for Domino’s in the UK: 0844 571 9141. Or phone the head office on 0843 506 0462 or 01908 580 000 where you can press 1 for customer services or hold to speak to a member of staff on reception.

Domino’s is a franchise business, so you should really phone your local branch in the first instance, but to escalate a complaint you’re welcome to phone the national helpline above. To find the contact details of your local Domino’s Pizza branch, visit their website via the links above.

If you have already phoned your local branch and wish to escalate your complaint to the core organisation responsible for granting franchise permissions to its member branches, you can either phone 0844 571 9141 or 0843 506 0462 or 01908 580 000 or simply fill in this form on their website:

If you’re still not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled, you can take it further by contacting the relevant local authority (for example Birmingham City Council) if it’s a hygiene issue; or contact Trading Standards if it’s a financial or time-wasting issue. If you don’t feel these contacts are appropriate, contact Citizens Advice – a popular government-funded scapegoat charity for handling all kinds of sticky situations where citizens don’t know who to go to for help. And if they can’t help, consider hiring a lawyer – try to get a free initial consultation with a solicitor who specialises in trading standards and food hygiene disputes. Sometimes only the wealthy get a fair deal these days – a sad fact of modern life.

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