Dyson: 0843 903 3236

Contact Dyson’s UK based customer service callcentre on 0843 903 3236 or call Dyson’s freephone helpline number 0800 298 0298.

Lines are open 8am-8pm weekdays; 8am-6pm on weekends.

Sir James Dyson with Dyson vacuum cleaners

Dyson has in recent decades attained world renown as the most innovative company in the market of home vacuum cleaners. More recently it has extended its innovative methodology into washing machines.

Named after founder James Dyson, the company got its start thanks to observations James made of industrial extraction processes in a sawmill. Frustrated with frequent clogging and cleaning he had to do with his home vacuum, he designed the Dyson to replicate the efficient principles he’d observed in industry on a much smaller scale. His invention became wildly successful.

With sales now exceeding six billion pounds yearly, Dyson and the various inventions that comprise its product range have become a household name in Britain and beyond.

Contact Dyson (UK)

UK head office address: Dyson Ltd, Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0RP.

UK-based customer service phone number: 08439 033 236 / 0800 298 0298 – lines are open 8am-8pm on weekdays, and 8am-6pm on weekends.

UK customer service email address: askdyson@dyson.co.uk

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