EA Sports / EA Games UK: 0843 903 3254

You can reach Electronic Arts expert customer service team on 0843 903 3254, for technical support and general enquiries relating to video games and accessories sold by EA Sports / EA Games UK.

EA - Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is a world-leading computer games developer, publisher and distributor. Over more than 30 years the firm has overseen some of the biggest and most heavily funded titles in videogaming history.

Originally present solely in publishing, EA has over decades grown from a relatively small firm into one of the industry’s giants. Today it is involved with various large franchises together with the newly-emerged market for mobile and tablet gaming. Many of its various subsidiaries are involved in active development of popular titles.

Despite sustaining criticism over its qualitative practices concerning both its workers and products, EA remains a profitable juggernaut in the still-growing global videogame market.

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