eBay: 0870 042 1148

Are you a seller or buyer on eBay’s auction platform? Phone eBay’s UK customer service team on 0870 042 1148 for a seamless customer care experience. Calling this contact number will connect you to eBay UK’s head office support team.


eBay is a multinational firm which facilitates auction-based transactions for millions of people across the world. It operates localised and interconnected websites in over 30 countries.

Although officially and legally a simple venue offering sales in an auction format, eBay in practice is synonymous with the modern mentality surrounding auctions. Having acquired its primary payment venue – PayPal – several years ago, the payment and billing processes surrounding eBay have in turn become more controlled yet seamless.

Today eBay’s business means it is employing north of 30,000 people. It has long been popular with small, informal sellers and large, established retailers alike, locally in the UK just as much as in America. Indeed, the 24-hour eBay UK contact centre never runs quiet.

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