Edexcel: 0843 504 3749

To contact Edexcel by phone, simply dial either of these numbers: 0843 504 3749 (Bolton Office) or 0870 240 9800 (London Office).

Edexcel exams

Their customer relations department will be happy to help answer your questions relating to all Edexcel examinations and qualifications.

Edexcel is one of the UK’s largest academic examination boards, involved in the marking and grading of hundreds of thousands of pupil exams on a yearly basis.

Although Edexcel is most widely connected with its marking and GCSE course offerings, it is also behind a set of specific diploma awards to hardworking students. The company has forged close links with the British government’s Department of Education, and has striven to craft qualifications that are more relevant to vocational undertakings in the modern labour market.

Having operated for decades with a strong general approval for its qualitative approach, Edexcel is set to be one of Britain’s leading examination bodies well into the 21st century.

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