EDF Energy: 0843 504 7187

Do you have a compliant or problem to raise or need information  about EDF Energy’s billing or energy services? Contact their expert customer care team on 0843 504 7187 to receive prompt, top notch support for any of your gas and electricity issues.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is an integrated energy firm operating in the UK. Its chief endeavour is in selling electricity and gas to millions of home and business customers across Britain.

Born from multiple mergers of southern English electricity boards in the early 2000s, the French-owned company has since diversified to nuclear operations to compliment its coal and gas initiatives. Its unusual decision to take legal action against environmentalists accusing the company of excessive fossil fuel dependency prompted criticism and opposition in 2013.

Despite these recent backlashes, the EDF’s position in the energy market remains both strong and sizeable with revenues recently topping the 4 billion pound mark.

EDF Energy Contact Number

Contact EDF Energy on 0843 504 7187. Call this number for immediate customer service over the phone, costing 5p per minute plus network extras.

EDF Energy is one of the ‘big six’ energy firms that dominate the UK’s domestic and commercial energy market. Their parent organisation the EDF Group owns the largest non-martial nuclear fleet in the world, with stations in France, the US, the UK and China.

EDF Energy mascot Zingy

In the UK they run 15 nuclear power plants, including: Torness, Hinckley point, Hartlepool, Sizewell, Dungenness, Heysham, and Hunterston. EDF are the primary energy providers to London, the South-east and the South-west. Whilst their logo is a conservative image of five flames in a circle, their mascot is an orange dancing flame (or brown dancing poop) called Zingy that even has it’s own Facebook page.


There are several videos on YouTube that feature customers of EDF Energy complaining about call waiting times and billing mistakes. One of these simply shows a mobile phone on speaker, which has been in the EDF Energy call waiting queue for over twenty minutes. The video is titled ‘waiting for EDF Energy to answer the phone’.

In 2011 EDF introduced a new IT system, there many teething problems with its implementation, which led to a 30% rise in complaints about the company’s customer service procedure. These complaints reached Ofgem – the UK energy company regulator – who ordered them to pay £3 million to benefit vulnerable customers as recompense. Part of this fine has been used to set up an extra phone line, that helps customers who are in debt to pay their energy bills.

EDF Energy came 13th out of 17 companies in the which.co.uk energy company customer satisfaction survey of 2014.

Nuclear Energy

EDF, alongside partners from across the globe, is currently constructing a 3260 megawatt nuclear energy plant at Hinckley Point. The Hinckley Point C plant, which will be the third plant at Hinckley, has come under a great deal of criticism due to environmental concerns and foreign involvement in the project. Alongside major financial investment in the Hinckley Point C Power station, China will also be providing some of the technology vital to its success.

How to contact EDF Energy

Call 0843 504 7187 to contact an EDF Energy customer service advisor for general enquiries and account support over the phone.

Calls to this number cost 5p per minute when calling from a standard BT landline phone, while calls from mobiles and other networks can cost considerably more.


EDF Energy spokesman: CEO, Vincent de Rivaz

What number do I phone if I my boiler breaks down?

Call 0800 111 999 – a 24 hour helpline. Be sure you have your account number to hand before you begin the call – it will begin with 67.

What telephone number do I call if I am presently a customer of a different energy company, but would like to swap to EDF Energy?

Call 0800 056 5927

What number do I phone if I am an existing customer and have a query about my bill or meter reading?

Call 0800 056 7777. Again make sure you have your account number to hand before you pick up the telephone.

What is the telephone number I need to call if I want to set up a direct debit?

Call 0800 096 2260

Does EDF Energy have an automated meter reading and bill services telephone line?

Yes, the number you need is 0800 015 1736

What is the energy debt telephone helpline?

Call 0808 156 6666

Is there a telephone number for repayment meter enquiries? – ie, I pay my bill in advance with a key

Yes there is, call 0800 015 1733

I need to call EDF Energy, but I am on holiday at present. What number should I call if I am abroad?

Call 0044 1138 207117

I want to make a complaint does EDF Energy have a complaints resolution team?

Yes, call 0800 051 1643

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