EE Broadband: 0843 504 7167

If you’re having trouble with your EE broadband, contact EE customer service on 0843 504 7167 or 07953 966 250. Lines are open weekdays 8am-10pm and weekends 8am-8pm.

EE Broadband is a service of telecoms giant EE, offering broadband subscriptions to customers across the UK.

Much of EE’s strength as a broadband provider stems from its dominance in the mobile phones market. Marrying up broadband packages with perks and deals on mobile contracts, EE seeks an affordable dual contract on a scale beyond that of most competitors. It advertises an easy switching service which involves customers giving their Internet equipment’s MAC code over the phone to facilitate a switch.

Backed up by its massive parent enterprise and brand presence, EE Broadband looks poised to become a new competitor in both fibre and non-fibre Internet markets.

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