Emirates: 0207 808 0007

Call the UK Emirates customer service and reservations team on 0207 808 0007 for bookings and general enquiries about your fight, hotel or care hire organised by Emirates.

Contact them around the clock, but for non-urgent customer service please call on weekdays during normal working hours.


Emirates is a longstanding airline based in the Arab Emirate of Dubai. Owned by a governmental investment firm, Emirates has been in operation since 1985.

Tracing its history to a backing by royal decree, the modern-day Emirates airline has, like Dubai itself, extensively modernised and expanded its image and operations. With a fleet exceeding 200 aircraft, Emirates are particularly popular as a long haul supplier of flights between Europe and Asia as well as throughout the Middle East where it is based.

With consistent and heavy year-on-year growth in passenger numbers, Emirates is one of the most rapidly expanding passenger aviation firms in the world.

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