Equifax: 08000 142 955

For assistance with credit report profiling contact Equifax customer services on their free phone number: 08000 142 955.

Equifax Head Office

Equifax is one of the United States biggest consumer credit report agencies. Formed in 1899, Equifax is one of the oldest credit information firms continuing to operate in the 21st century.

When it was founded, Equifax quickly found itself welcomed across many markets which lacked information about various individual and company profiles when it came to credit status. The firm consequently grew rapidly: in the 1920s it was foremost in profiling various individuals in terms of engagement with the then-fledgling automobile and leisure markets.

Today Equifax has revenues in excess of $1.5 billion each year, holding databases and profiles of millions of individuals across the worlds.

To check your credit score, find out more about Equifax or find other ways to contact their customer service team, other than phoning them on freephone number 08000 142 955, you can visit their website at www.equifax.co.uk.

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