Equiniti: 0843 504 7218

If you’re a shareholder or looking to become a shareholder, contact Equiniti on the shareholder helpline – the phone number to call is 0843 504 7218 or 0121 415 7047.

Equiniti is one of the biggest global business and pension administration businesses, acting on behalf of a diverse and numerous international clientèle.

One of the foremost consultancy operations worldwide, Equiniti specialises in increasing the efficiency of specific business departments and investment portfolios. Its services include optimising human resources, payroll, legal and managerial departments of companies. It also acts as a payment processor, serving pensions and share dividends to individual holders.

Managing well over seventy billion pounds in annual payments, Equiniti is a gargantuan, heavily diversified company in the field of administrative finance.

Equiniti Contact Numbers

Shareholder helpline:
0871 384 2030 / 0121 415 7047 / 0843 504 7218

Employee Share Plans:
0871 384 2040 / 0121 415 7161

Certificated Shares (Shareview Dealing):
0845 603 7037 / 0121 415 7560

Nominee (Investment Account / ISA):
0845 300 0430 / 0121 415 0105

Commercial enquiries:
0845 601 8884

Note that the 0121 numbers listed above are all direct phone numbers, pointing directly to Equiniti’s Birmingham offices where lines are open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm (excluding bank holidays).

If you’d like to post a letter, you should send it to Equiniti’s West Sussex address: Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA.

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