Experian: 01159 410 888

Call the Experian customer care team on their contact telephone number 01159 410 888 for prompt support on any concerns regarding Experian’s credit rating, profiling methods and services.

This phone number (01159 410 888) has been voted by our users as being the most reliable number to contact Experian on. Call 01159 410 888 for efficient Experian customer service today.

Experian Head Office

Experian is one of the world’s foremost credit rating agencies, furnishing thousands of firms with detailed and intimate credit histories of millions of potential and current customers.

As well as its business of credit, Experian also offers its marketing expertise, employing its numerous data gathering techniques in aid of the services it sells to businesses worldwide. Much of Experian’s information stems from insurance and motor vehicle purchases together with more traditional means such as survey questionnaires.

Employing over 17,000 in total, including those staffing its well-known credit customer services departments, Experian today is a sizeable presence in the world of informational business.

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