First Response Fertility

First Response and First Response Fertility are trading names of Church & Dwight UK Ltd.

To contact them, call their consumer enquiries phone number on freephone 0800 121 6080.

Alternatively, you can write to Church & Dwight Consumer Relations, Wear Bay Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 6PG.

All other enquiries can be made by email to

First Response Fertility

Not to be confused with the finance company by the same name, First Response is a fertility company famous for producing a market-leading range of pregnancy testing products. Using new technology, its product lines are able to identify pregnancy almost a week earlier than those of competitors.

In recent years, First Response has expanded its already influential presence into digital realms: tablet apps assist women in calculating their stage of pregnancy along with estimating the date on which birth is due. Much of the business’s reputation arises from its ready consulting of verified medical expertise to back up its testing products with scientific facts.

Having led the market in pregnancy determination goods for years, First Response is now seeking to globalise its efforts into the developing world.

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