Forces War Records

Unfortunately, Forces War Records has no customer service phoneline. However, they do have contact email addresses including: and

The Forces War Records deal with military records for soldiers having served in wars as long ago as the pre-Napoleonic era. It sees frequent consultation by those compiling their family tree.

Often a port of call for those who either lost or had a serving relative in a given war, the Forces War Records seek to grant the curious information. The company indexes various regiments and divisions across many historical conflicts, with the majority of written names now transposed in its easy to use online search engine. With a dedicated staff of more than fifty data indexing and archive specialists, the Forces War Records are in prime position to cater to the many individuals intrigued by their relative’s pasts.

Contact details

If you’ve been one of the many people who’s signed up for access to view something that looked in the search results like it was relevant, or even worse unwittingly signed up to a monthly subscription when you thought you were making a one-off payment, you’re not alone! Hundreds of people are being scammed in this way by this website, and thousands are being scammed even worse by rival sites (this one is comparatively cheap!).

If you’ve been the victim of this sort-of-fraud, feel free to demand a full refund or at least a refund for the sneaky recurring fees. You can do this by emailing the Forces War Records support team on: or

Unfortunately, they have no customer service phone number. If you need another method of contacting them, try Tweeting at them on Twitter: @F_W_Records or visit their Facebook:

Cancelling recurring payments

There are a few simple steps to cancelling recurring payments in case you can’t get a response from Forces War Records customer service.

  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Click on the YOUR PROFILE link.
  3. Scroll down until you see Automatic Renewals and the word Edit. Click on the word Edit.
  4. Select NO. Click on Save Changes.

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