Ford: 0843 506 0465

If you would like to complain or comment about your Ford driving experience then you can contact Ford on this telephone number: 0843 506 0465. Alternatively call Ford’s London-based UK head office directly on 020 3564 4444.

These numbers both take you through to Ford’s UK customer relations centre helpline, suitable for all general enquiries about the company and its cars.

Ford vehicle

Ford is an automobile manufacturer which was launched to prominence over a century ago with the introduction of its historic internal combustion engine using car: the Model T.

Founded by Henry Ford, a prominent entrepreneur in the early 20th century, the Ford company was the among the first to pay its workers above market rates. The impressive rates of retention in skilled labour, together with attractive discounts offered to said workers, actually improved the company in the long run. Today, Ford is a global business that sells millions of cars.

With a winning philosophy marrying together technology with modern labour practices, Ford and its various offshoot brands are among the most influential worldwide players.

Ford’s phone numbers

If you’d like to contact Ford, please choose the most appropriate contact number from those listed below.

Ford Customer Service: 020 3564 4444
Ford Breakdown Assistance: 020 3564 4444
Ford One: 020 3564 4444
Fleet Enquiries: 0345 723 2323
Ford Credit: 0845 712 5490
Ford Rental: 0844 257 0909
Ford Insure: 0800 328 1765

Postal address

If you’d like to write to Ford’s UK customer relations centre by post, you can do so by sending your letter to this address:

Ford Customer Relationship Centre,
Ford Motor Company,
PO Box 7597,
NN11 1DL,
United Kingdom.


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