Friends Life: 0843 903 3245

If you have a general enquiry for Friends Life, please contact them on this telephone number: 0843 903 3245.

Additionally, there are separate helplines dedicated to each of Friends Life’s major financial products listed below.

Friends Life Centre UK

Friends Life is one of the UK’s most prominent life insurance and pensions companies, boasting over five million customers and a longtime listing on the FTSE 100 stock exchange.

Going back two centuries, Friends Life’s philosophy has been to grant customers peace of mind together with decisive value. Given the complex nature of the various pension funds which have cropped up over the years, Friends Life’s expertise in recovering and properly crediting the rightful beneficiaries has proven valuable.

Managing a massive £400 billion in various closed funds across the UK, Friends Life’s function as an organiser, regulator and provisionary company remains essential to the lives of business and personal customers throughout the UK.


Friends Life phone numbers

Life Insurance

The life insurance customer service team at Friends Life have four different telephone numbers; you should call the one that corresponds to the prefix before your policy number.

  • Prefix – F or L,  call:  0845 600 3122
  • Prefix – H, J or L, call:  0845 070 7099
  • Prefix – 3, call:  0845 300 1942
  • Prefix – 2, 4, 5, 6 , or 8, call0845 732 2223


To speak to Friends Life about any annuities or retirement incomes you are entitled to, then phone Friends Life, on 0800 011 33 88.

Lifetime care

If you are in receipt of a a lifetime care policy and would like to discuss this with Friends Life then call the telephone number 0845 777 7543.


As with their life insurance policies, Friends Life divide the telephone lines for their pensions call centre team according to the prefix of the customer who is calling. Call the telephone number below that corresponds to the prefix of your pension policy number.

  • Prefix 100, call:  0845 300 3172
  • Prefix 400 or 500, call:  0845 603 3419
  • If the prefix to your policy number does not match one of the three listed, then you can call Friends Life on:  0845 602 9199 


Friends Life have three teams who deal with investments, the telephone number you need to call will depend on the type of scheme you have:

  • If your scheme is prefixed by 200, then you should call:   0845 603 3419
  • If your scheme is a Wealth solutions bond, then call:  0845 602 9199
  • If you have a Protected investment portfolio bond, then call:   0845 602 9199


Postal address

If you prefer to write a letter the old fashioned way, contact Friends Life by sending your letter through the post to this address:

Friends Life Centre
PO Box 1810
BS99 5SN


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