Financial Services Authority (FSA)

Contact the FSA on 0300 500 0597 – call this phone number to enquire about financial service sector regulations in the UK or to report suspected financial service misconduct.


The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the UK government body tasked with regulating the financial services industry in the UK.

Throughout its lifespan the FSA received criticisms from those outside the government. Among the foremost of critics were Private Eye magazine, who would go on to catalogue the perceived failings of the firm up to, during and beyond the 2008 recession. The FSA’s failure to investigate large scale frauds led to a sustained, stinging criticism that proved pivotal in its downfall.

The government itself deemed the FSA inadequate through a series of reviews and eventually legislation, the organisation was dissolved and its duties divided between other groups.

The responsibilities and duties of the FSA were taken over by two  new regulatory authorities upon it’s closure in 2013.  One of these is the Financial Conduct Authority, a financial regulation authority which is regulated by the treasury. The other is the Prudential Regulation Authority, which is administered by the Bank of England.

FSA Phone Numbers

Contact the FSA or PRA depending on which is most appropriate for your query, via the contact numbers below.

The Financial Conduct Authority: 0300 500 0597

The Prudential Regulation Authority: 020 7601 4878

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