Game: 0208 827 0099

Contact the customer service team at Game’s London head office on phone number 0208 827 0099 for help with any videogame, console or accessory purchased in-store, and information about your local store’s in-stock products, prices, returns & refunds policy and opening times.

Game is a videogame retailer, having been born from the Electronics Boutique brand in 2002.

In 2012 the retailer was at the forefront of high street firms with dire financing issues. Stiff competition from online gaming platforms such as Steam ate away at Game’s market share, leading to widespread closures and a delisting from the stock exchange. The brand was however revived by a Scandinavian consortium, rebooting Game’s presence on British high streets.

Despite its difficulties, Game continues to be a well-known and influential brand. Together with more than 300 stores, its website continues to attract significant custom.

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