GameStop: 0118 310 0459

Contact GameStop on their UK customer service phone number 0118 310 0459.

Be careful not to call the main 00353 number listed on Gamestop’s website as that is the direct line to their European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland (00353 is the international telephone dialling code for Ireland) and as such will be a far more expensive call!

GameStop store

GameStop is an international videogame retailer, and GameStop UK is its British & Irish branch.

Beginning life as a small computer software outlet in Dallas, Texas, GameStop today is a juggernaut in videogame retail the world over.

With more than 15 years in operation, GameStop has been present throughout much of the videogame industry’s phenomenal growth. Selling accessories such as headphones and joysticks alongside games for both PC and a variety of game consoles, GameStop’s prominence as a sponsor in gaming events together with its

Having firmly stamped its presence in the videogaming industry, GameStop’s recent expansions online compliment the thousands of franchise stores it oversees worldwide.

How to contact GameStop

Contacting GameStop is easy, when you know how. Best to pick up the phone and call their UK contact number or write to their European HQ in Dublin, using the contact details provided below.

Phone numbers

Like many technology companies, Gamestop discourage customers from phoning them by pointing clients to the ‘commonly asked questions’ section of their website. However, closer inspection of their website reveals two phone numbers, one in Ireland and the other in the UK. If you are ringing from the UK then you should avoid their expensive, Ireland based, 00353 number and instead call them on 0118 310 0459 – their UK contact number.

Postal address

Gamestop’s European base is in Swords, a district just of north of Dublin that is also famous for being the location of Dublin Airport.

The postal address for Gameshop’s European headquarters is:
Gamestop Head Office, Swords Business Park, Swords, Dublin, Ireland.

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